Study in Slovakia? Try the preparatory course!

Study in Slovakia? Try the preparatory course!

Have you been thinking about the study in European Union?

Have you ever heard about Slovakia?

Start your career at Pan-European University and apply for the preparatory course!!


With the Preparatory Course you can either continue to the first university degree at any of the Slovak universities or even continue here, at the best rated private university in Slovakia.

The preparatory course consists of Slovak language classes as well as classes about the culture, customs and habits, history of Slovakia and the European Union. All of these will help you to integrate to the European society no matter if you decide to stay for living, working, or studying.

The introduction of the Slovak language is also the prerequisite in order to be accepted to any Slovak university.


About the university

The Pan-European University is the best rated private university in Slovakia. It is based in the capital, Bratislava, Slovakia. We offer all 3 degrees of the study (bachelor’s degree, master´s degree, doctoral degree) at 5 faculties in 40 accredited programmes.

Faculties were established one by one as the reaction of the labor market needs, as follows:

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Economics and Business

Faculty of Media

Faculty of Informatics

Faculty of Psychology


Our university is well experienced in the language education. Our teachers will prepare you precisely in the modern premises of our university, well known by its individual approach to each student.


About the country

Slovakia as the heart of the Europe is small, but beautiful country, well knows by its rich culture, heritage, breathtaking nature, castles, and history. Its capital Bratislava is in the west, neighboring very closely with Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic. Currently Bratislava represents the high quality life standard with affordable prices and the rich social life.


What do you gain?

  • Slovak language level B2
  • 10 months intensive study
  • Development of the language competence in the professional discussion
  • Enrichment of your professional vocabulary
  • Broaden your education not in the language only; the general overview of the coutry, habits, customs, culture, people, history
  • After the graduation you have a chance to continue at any Slovak university or apply for a job
  • Our help with the education recognition and the administration
  • International team providing the service and help to all participants


The language course:

Duration: 10 months (05.10.2022 – 04.07.2023)

Running daily and onsite

2 semesters (spring and fall)

1 final exam each semester


After the course completion each participant will obtain the certificate of the language competence.

Price: EUR 4990