Application process

Application process

Applicants of the Pan-European University doctoral study programs must hold a master’s degree from an accredited college or university. Applicants who are currently in their senior year of a master’s study program may apply for admission, but acceptance will be contingent upon receipt of the master’s degree.

Master’s degree must be in the field of study that is related to the selected doctoral study program.

Pan-European University has the right to recognize foreign university diplomas of bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programs.

Below, there is a checklist of the documents required for a completed application:
1. Submit an Application
The first step you need to take is to fill out an Application for the selected program.

2. Pay the Application Fee (EUR 20, non-refundable)
If you complete the online application, you will have to pay the fee online with a credit card. If you apply for the Language and Preparatory Course, the application fee might be waived.

3. Submit your previous education´s document
In order to be accepted for the selected programme, you need to proove your previous study:

  • for the bachelor programmes you have to submit the high school diploma. In case your high school education has been completed outside Slovakia, your high school diploma must be translated into Slovak and appostiled/superlegalized by the respective consulate/embassy. Please check whether your country is participating in the Hague Convention Apostille. In case there is no official slovak translator in your country, you are allowed to submit your documents in english version and let it translate once you arrive Slovakia. All documents must be sent by regular post. You can find the address of the relevant faculty here.

IMPORTANT: You need to submit your high school diploma recognized by the governmental body of the Slovak republic. Find the information here.

  • for the master programmes you need to proove your completed bachelor diploma (of an accredited college or university) and transcript of records. Please note, that in order to continue your studies on master degree, your previous study must have been completed in the same or similar study field. PEU has a right to recognize your bachelor diploma; you need to submit the application for recognizing and delivered translated and appostiled documents to the address of the university.

Applicants who graduated and earned a bachelor degree at Pan-European University are not obliged to submit their previous education´s document; their degree will be recognized automatically.

4. Payment of the tuition fees

Once you deliver all required documents to the respective department/faculty you are obliged to pay the tuition. Information about the payment details will be sent by our respective department together with the preliminary letter of acceptance. If you apply from a non-Schengen area, your tuition must be paid prior to visa application submission (as this is an elementary condition for visa approval). In case that the embassy will reject your application, the tuition will be refunded. The fee for accommodation confirmation and acceptance/registration is applicable.

5. Visa to Slovakia

International students are required to arrange a visa or visa permit to Slovakia. Our university will provide the applicants with two basic documents – the  acceptance letter and confirmation of accommodation. Our international staff will also guide the applicants with all necessary help and will inform the Embassy of the Slovak Republic about the inquiry.

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