International Business

International Business

Field of study: International Business

Study program: Economics and Management of International Business

Language: English

Expand your scientific knowledge in economics and international business at Pan-European University in Bratislava. A doctoral study program will make you a real expert in the field of economy and business management and will prepare you for the scientific career.

Their goal of the Doctoral study program is to prepare a student for an independent and creative scientific work. As a PhD student, you will gain scientific skills based on current scientific knowledge and by your own scientific research and creative activities, you will contribute to the development of scientific knowledge in your field of study. Doctoral studies require a high workload and the ability to effectively organize your scientific and academic activities.

All graduates of these study programs will receive the highest academic and scientific degree Doctor (Doctor of Philosophy, Philosophiæ Doctor) and are entitled to use the PhD degree.

The graduate profile of this study department is conceived by a set of expertise and knowledge in the field of international business. It focuses primarily on examining complex balancing issues affecting the development of the international business environment and adaptation of business processes and enterprises for the new economic trends.

The fact that the subject of scientific research is, by its content, an interdisciplinary area of the economy subject to constant evolutionary changes, enforces a very flexible internal response in the content creation of this level of study. It is assumed that graduates of the third level of education are highly qualified, professionally versatile professionals who will be able to achieve the highest level in the subject. They are not only engaged in scientific work at universities, research teams, or in the work of various social and public organizations, but also as top experts in companies, financial institutions, and business organizations. The special application is foreseen in various international organizations, foreign firms, and representations, as well as joint ventures, in public administration, government institutions, and so on.

Date of admission procedure for academic year – 2022/2023

Application process is open until 31.08.2022

Dissertation topics for academic year – 2022/2023

Contacts for international students:

Department of International Affairs

Ing. Radka Straková

PEU, Rectorate, Tomášikova 20, SK-82102 Bratislava

Tel: +421-2-48208804

Director of International Affairs

JUDr. Slavomír Rudenko, Ph.D.

PEU, Rectorate, Tomášikova 20, SK-82102 Bratislava

Tel: +421-2-48208807