Useful information

Why PEU (10 reasons)

  1. High quality programs of studies in all 3 university cycles (bachelor’s, master´s and PhD.). Opportunity to achieve a professional doctoral degree (PhD.) and to undertake studies in a total of 20 accredited programs at 5 different faculties, with 13 various specialisations.  
  2. Practice-oriented education aiming at real projects in cooperation with clients, supervised by a practically oriented team of university lecturers.
  3. Individualised approach towards its students, both in direct tuition and administration of studies. Tuition in small study and project groups. 
  4. An up-to-date technical standard of equipment, comprising modern facilities and specialised laboratories in selected fields (Media Centre, Moot Court room, 3D IT laboratories)
  5. Strong strategic partnerships in delivering education and practical study experience, counting corporate partners such as IBM, Slovak Football Association, News and Media Holding, NARKS – National Association of Real Estate Agents, Asseco Central Europe, etc.
  6. A constantly renewed innovation of softwares available for students – free subscriptions to Microsoft Office 365, professional IBM software and access to the most prestigeous scientific online databases. For Law students there is a free subscription to an automatised tool of legal information (ASPI).
  7. Opportunity to gain an international experience through Erasmus+ studies at one of more than 60 partner universities within Europe and more than 20 partner universities outside the EU.
  8. Opportunity to obtain a grant for special needs (social scholarship) and a grant based on extraordinary study merit. The tuition fees may be paid in monthly or semester-based instalments.
  9. Cross-faculty studies – opportunity to pursue studies parallelly at 2 different faculties at a reduced tuition fee.
  10. Varied extra-curricular life, including discussion seminars, workshops, exhibitions, sports events, movie and cinema production presentations and student parties.



Oliver Bori, student of the Faculty of Law

,,To me personally the study brings an overview and thanks to many partnerships, a wide range of possibilities in the private and public sphere to gain practical skills – for example thanks to the event “Career Day” which takes place every year and aims to provide job opportunities to students.”

Simona Škodová, student of the Faculty of Massmedia

,,It is all about love and passion for the study. We must try to get the most out of the lectures and the whole study. Every job requires a dose of zeal, and so should it be in education.”

David Bernát, student of the Faculty of Informatics

,,The Faculty of Informatics gives a general insight into programming, big data, IT systems design, databases, 3D modelling and much more. Thanks to this a student can find the course which he is most interested in. Once he has spent his time studying the selected area, in fact he will choose the direction for his future IT career.”

Henrieta Koklesová, student of the Faculty of Psychology

,,I would like to advise an applicant to avoid being afraid of the study. Of course, if someone wants to be an expert, they need to get the necessary knowledge and skills. But if he or she really enjoys the area of psychology they will also enjoy reading and lectures. Addionally, our teachers are always willing and ready to help in case of any difficulties.”

Simona Magnusová, student of The Faculty of Economics and Entrepreneurship

,,At the Faculty of Economics and Business you will have opportunities in your study path that you can multiply in your life. If you are hungry for knowledge, broader possibilities, the Faculty of Economics and Business is the right choice.”