Useful information

Useful information

Following the aim to further develop its existing offer of studies and to attract a wider audience of international students from across the world, Pan-European University is launching its first fully English taught degree programs.

From the academic year 2017/2018 the Faculty of Law´s newly accredited program in International Relations and Diplomacy will be offered and taught bilingually (Slovak and English). Thus, interested international candidates may apply online to join the program, offering a selection of English taught courses. From 2018/2019 on, these students will be duly transferred into a full degree program in English.

Starting with the academic year 2018/2019 fully English taught degree programs in the following fields will be offered:

Candidates with completed university education of the 2nd cycle of studies (master´s) may apply for the PhD. programs in fields, which are accredited to be offered in English, paralelly to the Slovak version of the program. The standard duration of studies in this program is 3 years (full-time studies), evtl. 4 years (part-time studies). Upon fulfillment of necessary entrance preconditions and the successful enrolment into the PhD. program the annual tuition fee amounts to 4.990 EUR.

The PhD. programs open for English speaking candidates comprise: