School Psychology

School Psychology

Field of study: Pedagogical, counseling and school psychology

Study program: School psychology

Language: English


Expand your scientific knowledge of psychology at Pan-European University in Bratislava. Doctoral study program will make you a real expert in the field of school psychology and will prepare you for the scientific career.

The goal of the doctoral study program is to prepare the student for independent and creative scientific work. As a PhD student, you will gain scientific skills based on current scientific knowledge and by your own scientific research and creative activities, you will contribute to the development of scientific knowledge in your field of study. Doctoral studies require a high workload and the ability to effectively organize your scientific and academic activities.

All graduates of these study programs receive the highest academic and scientific degree Doctor (Doctor of Philosophy, Philosophiæ Doctor) and are entitled to use a PhD degree.

The graduate of the proposed study program will be a mature scientist with knowledge of the social system and education in a wider context. And with regard to the psychological, educational, economic and organizational aspects of national and transnational communities and institutions. Graduates will specialize in school psychology.

Students will be deeply acquainted with the scientific potential and current development trends, will be familiar with the latest results in the field and will be able to apply these results. The area of school psychology is enriched by a new and non-traditional dimension – the dimension of “biodiversity”. It is a dimension of the training and education of a psychologist working in the process of education, which takes place throughout the human pathway, starting with the psychology of education in the developmental period of pre-school and school age, pubescence and adolescence, younger and middle adulthood, and old age. Graduates will be able to engage themselves in scientific research, pedagogical work, national and transnational institutions, international structures.

Theoretical knowledge

In the third stage of the study, attention is focused on a careful orientation in past and present trends, concepts and theories about social, educational and psychological phenomena, together with their application to the chosen field of research. Doctoral study is also oriented to an interdisciplinary approach to the problem studied and requires familiarization with other disciplines than the specific focus of a dissertation work.

Practical and complementary skills

  • Preparing, coordinating and conducting domestic and international research projects;
  • Creative contribution to the development of the theoretical foundations of the department;
  • Expertise and analytics;
  • Publishing activity in local and foreign reviewed scientific periodicals;
  • Pedagogical and counseling activities;
  • Representation of the academic community in domestic and foreign professional forums;
  • Ability to analyze and interpret current socio-psychological and school problems.

Graduates of the doctoral program of the school psychology program control scientific methods of psychological research, are able to solve the full range of educational problems, carry out expertise, counseling and consulting activities for the state, self-governing and non-governmental institutions, lecture theoretical and methods of school psychology at universities.

Fields of application of a graduate:

  • in the academic field of preparation, coordination and management of domestic and international scientific teams,
  • within national, European and regional institutions to develop educational, educational psychological projects, expertise and analysis,
  • as authors of scientific publications,
  • as active representatives of the academic community at domestic and international professional forums, conferences and seminars,
  • in the pedagogical process they will provide a good basis for improving the quality of pedagogical work in the area of psychology at home and abroad universities.

Deadline for e-applications: 16.6.2019 and 15.9.2019.

Date of admission procedure: July and September / October 2019

Download: Dissertation topics for academic year – 2019/2020

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Director of International Affairs

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