Masmedial Studies

Masmedial Studies

Field of study: Masmedial studies

Study program: Masmedial studies

Language: English and Slovak

Expand your scientific knowledge of Mass Media Studies at Pan-European University in Bratislava. A doctoral study program will make you a real expert in the field of mass media and will prepare you for a scientific career.

The goal of a doctoral study program is to prepare a student for an independent and creative scientific work. As a PhD student, you will gain scientific skills based on current scientific knowledge and by your own scientific research and creative activities, you will contribute to the development of scientific knowledge in your field of study. Doctoral studies require a high workload and the ability to effectively organize your scientific and academic activities.

All graduates of these study programs will receive the highest academic and scientific degree Doctor (Doctor of Philosophy, Philosophiæ Doctor) and are entitled to use a PhD degree.

In the masmedial studies program, you will gain knowledge of independent scientific and creative activities in the field of media and marketing communication, media design, media management at the national and international level.

A graduate of this study program may work as:

  • a senior management at all levels of public and private media, media and marketing organizations,
  • a researcher in the field of media communication, marketing communication, journalism,
  • an analytical and conceptual worker employed in the higher level of management in the organizational structure of legislative bodies,
  • an executive public authority in the field of culture, education, diplomacy, as well as in the field of corporate marketing and international marketing,
  • a creative, analytical and conceptual designer in the field of media design,
  • a university teacher in the field of study 3.2.3 Masmedial studies.

Contacts for international students:

Department of International Affairs

Ing. Radka Straková

PEU, Rectorate, Tomášikova 20, SK-82102 Bratislava

Tel: +421-2-48208804

Director of International Affairs

JUDr. Slavomír Rudenko, Ph.D.

PEU, Rectorate, Tomášikova 20, SK-82102 Bratislava

Tel: +421-2-48208807