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General Introduction

, General IntroductionPan-European University (PEU) is a private higher education institution, offering university education at all 3 cycles of studies in 20 accredited programs of studies at its 5 faculties. Since its founding in 2004 more than 12.000 students have graduated from the studies at PEU. A wide offer of study programs, modern and technologically well-equipped premises as well as the inclusion of high class academics into its programs are just a few characteristics the university is likely to offer to its students to equip them with a practically oriented education as to create successful professionals into the entry of the labour market. Each of the five faculties delivers modern ways of tuition, including individualised approach, attractive specialisations and professional training in the form of work placements. All the above mentioned aim to reach the university´s primary goal which is to become a leading centre of modernity in higher education. We are committed to be your ideal choice for a good start into your successful career life.

PEU consists of 5 faculties which were established gradually in reaction to the needs of the higher education market, in the chronological order: Faculty of Law (2004), Faculty of Economic and Entrepreneurship (2005), Faculty of Media (2007), Faculty of Informatics (2009) and Faculty of Psychology (2011). As the only private higher education institution in Slovakia we are entitled to offer PhD. studies and at the same time qualified candidates may aim for a professional doctorate, habilitation (associate professorship) and inauguration (full professorship) proceedings.

As a member of the commercial holding Prosperita, an investment group with more than 20-year business tradition, we are part of a portfolio of one of the leading family business corporations of the Czech Republic. The membership serves as a precondition for financial and organisational stability and constitutes a platform that is part of the international investment and capital markets.

Legal foundations

As a non-profit organisation the founder of the university created PEU under the name „Bratislava University of Law“ through the award of the Decree of the Government of the Slovak Republic, No. 725/2004 Coll., issued on the 14th July 2004.

The name changed to the current „Pan-European University“ in 2010 by the Decree of the Government of the Slovak Republic, No. 411/2010 Coll. The official acronym of the university is PEU (Paneurópska vysoká škola / PEVŠ in the Slovak language).

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, General Introduction