Faculty Economics

About the Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics and Entrepreneurship was the second faculty of the PEU, launching its activities in the academic year 2005/2006. . It offers accredited programs in all 3 cycles of university studies – bachelor, master´s (with the Slovak title in abbreviation „Ing.“) and PhD. Through a contractual partnership an MBA. program is being conducted.

The faculty´s focal point is based on educating towards an expertise to master the actual trends in economic life in Slovakia and throughout the world. A quality economic education to serve the needs of the graduates to be successful on the labour market in the fields of private entrepreneurship, management, marketing and trade is the main aim of our programs.

As a very important part of the education a practical experience is our strategic goal. Gaining practical experience already during the studies enables the graduates to leave for the labour market in a comparatively favourable position. Corporate partnerships with IBM, the Slovak Energy Corporation, the Slovak-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Volkswagen, the Slovak Association of Insurance Companies and the Assiociation of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises serve the purpose to highlight practical aspects of studies. Experts are being invited into the direct tuition and specialised seminars, workshops and professional events are offered in cooperation with the corporate partners.

In 2009 the faculty has renewed its programs to offer education in economic sciences, linked closer to the methodolgy of leading world universities in the respective field. Managerial, entrepreneurial and modern techniques in business and trade to be set into practice on a more demanding internationally interlinked business market form the necessary prerequisites.

A strong bilingual aspect is aimed in the tuition, shown by a 4-semester-course of „Economic communication in foreign language“.

An interconnecting offer of parallel studies in the fields of expertise of other faculties of PEU, such as law, psychology, media and informatics may be offered.