Faculty Law

About the Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law is the founding faculty of the whole Pan-European University. As such, it began to offer university education in 2004. It offers accredited programs in all 3 cycles of university studies – bachelor’s, master´s and PhD. It also offers the opportunity to reach a professional title of „iuris doctor“ (JUDr.) and in a contractual partnership an LL.M. program is being conducted.

The aim of the faculty is to strive for quality legal education and to pursue a further development of accredited programs of studies. With the achieved knowledge and expertise the graduates should be able to join not only the traditional legal professions, but become highly motivated professionals for the current needs of the changing legal profession.

As a very important part of the education a practical experience is our strategic goal. Gaining practical experience already during the studies enables the graduates to leave for the labour market in a comparatively better position. Corporate partnerships with IBM, the Slovak Football Association, the Slovak National Centre for Human Rights, the National Association of Real Estate Agents, News and Media Holding or the Slovak Association of Insurance Companies, among others serve the purpose to highlight practical aspects of studies. Experts are being invited into the direct tuition and specialised seminars, workshops and professional events are offered in cooperation with the corporate partners.

Besides the general curriculum, specialisations through a choice of elective courses are offered in medical law, law in sports, real estate law, etc. The tuition in Slovak taught degree programs is complemented by a choice of English taught courses, with a special emphasis at courses in the fields of International and European Law.

An interconnecting offer of parallel studies in the fields of expertise of other faculties of PEU, such as psychology, media, economics and informatics may be offered.


STUDENT experience

Oliver Bori, student of the Faculty of Law

,,To me personally the study brings an overview and thanks to many partnerships, a wide range of possibilities in the private and public sphere to gain practical skills – for example thanks to the event “Career Day” which takes place every year and aims to provide job opportunities to students.”

TEACHER perspective 

Lecturer of the Faculty of Law, JUDr. Andrea Erdošová, PhD.

,,The Faculty of Law provides graduates with the opportunity to apply in a wide range of legal professions. During the course of study, they may choose, in addition to their general and interrelated studies from their own interest – European, international, real estate or environmental law. At the faculty, personal approach to students is preferred, and studying a dynamic, exclusive way of learning and personal self-realization carries out the composition of multiple subjects of clinical and practical education.”