Faculty Psychology

Academic Psychology

Faculty of Psychology was established in 2011 and it is the youngest of all the faculties of PEU.

Academic Psychology

The main goal of the faculty is to teach the future graduate to be able to apply psychological principles, knowledge, models and psychological methods (in accordance with ethics and current scientific advances) in a way that would help individual patients, social groups, organizations and companies in their development, wellbeing and effectiveness.

Teaching process at the faculty focuses on four main subjects – work and social psychology, consultation and social psychology. Academic staff is formed by reputable personalities in the area of school, social, work and consultation psychology, as well as mediation. Apart from internal peda- gogues, the faculty hosts classes taught by professional psychologists.

Psychologists from our faculty

Accredited doctoral study program Academic Psychology focuses attention on a thorough orientation in the past and current trends, concepts and theories of social, educational and psychological phenomena, along with their application in the chosen area of research. Opportunities on the labor market for psychologists are very positive, especially in specialized areas.

The successful graduates of the doctoral study program Academic Psychology will have an ability to independently develop the issue of human being in the area of individual problems related to social and institutional interactions. They will be able to identify, formulate the problem, and to find a solution in the context of theoretical, methodo- logical and practical knowledge. Also they will be professionally competent to work with academic and research methods, and to bring original and innovative procedures, methods and conclusions.

The graduates of the doctoral study program in Academic psychology possess the scientific methods of psychological research, they are able to solve the full range of educational problems, conduct expertise and consulting work for government, autonomous and non-governmental institutions, to lecture at universities on the theory and methods of academic psychology.

Basic information

Study program: Academic Psychology

Field of study: 3.1.11 Pedagogical, Advisory and Academic Psychology

Level of study: third  

Standard length of study: 3 years

Form of study: Full time/ Part Time

Ammount of required credits: 180

Language: English

Academic title: philosophiae doctor (abbrev. „PhD.“)


PhDr. Miriama Čižmárová, PhD.

Tel: +421 2 6820 3621

E-mail: miriama.cizmarova@paneurouni.com


General entry requirements into university studies follow the legal regulation under the Act on Higher Education of the Slovak Republic and generally comprise the following aspects:

  • Completed education of the previous stage of studies, documented by a certified study completion diploma (such as A-levels, graduation from secondary school education, diploma from the previous level of university studies in the respective field, etc.)
  • All accompanying documentation in regard to previous studies must be provided alongside the online application process