Faculty Psychology

About the Faculty of Psychology

The Faculty of Psychology, founded in 2011, is the only of its kind in Slovakia. It offers full university education in all 3 cycles – bachelor, master´s and PhD. Additionally, a professional doctorate (PhDr.) may be achieved in special proceedings.

The faculty offers a combination of theory and practice, complemented by a profile of European professional in psychologic standards, which may be certified by a professional diploma of a „European Psychologist Certificate“. The certification fullfils the needs of standardised content of psychology studies throughout the Europe.

Our mission is to react to current needs on the education market in psychology and that is why we aim at offering an expertise which reaches beyond the general and traditional education of psychology. The first aspect is guaranteed by new specialisations to be reached through our degree program, such as offering psychologic studies in Multicultural Tolerance. The second aspect demonstrates in a close interdisciplinarity and a strong interconnection of theoretical education with practice. Our partners from the sector of conduct of practical psychology enable our students to share their high class expertise in offering psychologic services on a daily basis. Among these, the Slovak National Centre for Human Rights, the League for Mental Health and professional corporations and chambers of psychologists and psychotherapists may be specifically mentioned. Experts are being invited into the direct tuition and specialised seminars, workshops and practical placements or other professional events are being offered in cooperation with our partners.

The team of academics of the Faculty of Psychology serve as psychologic practitioners themselves and share their expertise with students on a daily basis. Their demonstrable achievement is to educate and raise high quality professionals, who are not only knowledgeable, but committed to a challenging set of characteristics for a modern psychologist.

An interconnecting offer of parallel studies in the fields of expertise of other faculties of PEU, such as law, psychology, economics and informatics may be offered.

STUDENT experience

Henrieta Koklesová, student of the Faculty of Psychology

,,I would like to advise an applicant to avoid being afraid of the study. Of course, if someone wants to be an expert, they need to get the necessary knowledge and skills. But if he or she really enjoys the area of psychology they will also enjoy reading and lectures. Addionally, our teachers are always willing and ready to help in case of any difficulties.”

TEACHER perspective

Lecturer of the Faculty of Psychology: prof. Mgr. Eva Gajdošová, PhD.

,,The study of psychology and, in my case, school psychology is very interesting, creative, enriching students both professionally and humanly and providing insights not only into the profession but also for a life as such. Our faculty focuses on learning that is strongly connected to practice, with the emphasis on the preparation of “psychology of practice”. Students work on the basis of the selected courses in training spots – at schools, school departments, or in companies and organizations where they gain professional psychological knowledge and valuable experience directly in the psychological environment.”