Faculty Informatics

About the Faculty of Informatics

The Faculty of Informatics was established in 2008 and has widen the scope of the structure of Pan-European University outside the social sciences. The faculty is the only of its kind, established at a private higher education institution. It offers university education at bachelor´s and master´s level. A professional doctorate title (RNDr.) may be achieved in special proceedings.

Expertise of the Faculty of Informatics follows the needs to educate highly qualified professionals in the field of information technologies and to equip each of its graduates with a set of knowledge and skills required by the professional IT sector. The flexibility of the contents of degree programs enables the faculty to react to the actual needs of the IT sector and the labour market in the respective field.

Corporate partnerships with national and transnational IT corporations, most notably IBM, Education First, Vis Gravis, Asseco, Gratex International, Goldmann Systems, serve the purpose to connect a general tuition with practical aspects of studies. Experts are being invited into the direct tuition and specialised lectures, seminars, workshops and other forms of practical professional tutorship constitute tangible results of cooperation with the corporate partners.

We are fully aware of the fact that without an innovative, practice oriented and interdisciplinary interconnected university education, equipped with the most up-to-date IT and communication technologies the raising of a new generation of professionals would be unthinkable. This is why we always pursue a modernisation of our premises and equip them with the highest standards of technologies and IT laboratories.

An integral part of the education is the creation of projects of virtual and enlarged reality, as well as gaming programming.

An interconnecting offer of parallel studies in the fields of expertise of other faculties of PEU, such as law, psychology, economics and media may be offered.