Faculty Media

About the Faculty of Media

By the time of its foundation the Faculty of Media was the third member of the PEU faculties. It began  its operation in 2007. It offers accredited programs in all 3 cycles of university studies – bachelor´s, master´s and PhD. Additionally, a professional doctorate (PhDr.) may be achieved in special proceedings.

The faculty aims at providing modern education to raise professionals with a set of theoretical and practical knowledge and experience in the fields of print, electronic and web-based media, multimedia production services, advertising and managerial sector. Linked to the general program of studies specialisations in Political Communication, Marketing of Tourism and Digital Marketing may be also achieved.

Actual trends, linking modern information technologies with the world of media, are the main emphasis of the practical approach of our programs. During their studies, the students have the opportunity to be in a frequent contact with renowned academics and practitioners from the fields of media, marketing and the managerial sector, sharing their valuable knowledge and expertise. Practical education is established through corporate partnerships with the News and Media Holding, TEDx, IBM, Education First, the Art Film Fest, etc. Experts are being invited into the direct tuition and specialised seminars, workshops and professional events are offered in cooperation with the corporate partners.

As a specific feature of the practice-oriented approach towards education and research the relevant parts of the media production, as an integral part of the student´s curricula, are conducted in a state-of-the-art Media Centre. It comprises a professional TV studio, radio production, photography atelieres and multimedia production rooms and laboratories, fully equipped with iMac technologies.

The accredited programs of studies comprise Media Studies, Media and Communication and Media Design on the bachelor level of studies, complemented by Media and Marketing Communication and Media Design on the Master´s level of studies. The PhD. program is a general program in Media Studies.

An interconnecting offer of parallel studies in the fields of expertise of other faculties of PEU, such as law, psychology, economics and informatics may be offered.

STUDENT experience

Simona Škodová, student of the Faculty of Massmedia

,,It is all about love and passion for the study. We must try to get the most out of the lectures and the whole study. Every job requires a dose of zeal, and so should it be in education.”

TEACHER perspective

Lecturer of the Faculty of Mass Media, PhDr. Martin Kasarda, Dr.

,,Media is for us what is water for fish. Absolutely natural environment. Working in this environment means living on the pulse of time and discovering new facts about society, but also some fun and relax.

Studying at the Faculty of Mass Media is the gateway to this dynamic media world. No matter if you are lured into the world of television, newspapers, internet or commercials, you’ll always need knowledge and skills we offer to students. Meet people who are already in the media and know what the real media world requires from professionals. You will learn to see the world around us from the media point of view. You will get information necessary for you to become a person who is not afraid to ask, search or learn things unknown to the others.

The media is the ocean where you can feel yourself as at home. They can make you ready for the situations happening every day. And it is only up to you whether you will swim And it will be up to you if you swim like a sardine in a big flock or if you act as a big shark which nobody ever overlooks.”