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Economics and International Business Management


In 2009 the faculty has updated the former doctoral study program in order to approach the content and teaching methodology as much as possible to the study conditions at prestigious business universities in the world. The whole teaching process of the faculty comes out from the trends of economic development in Slovakia and also in the whole world.

Economics and International Business Management

The quality of educations and attractiveness of study has improved also for the foreign students. Accredited doctoral study program consists of the compulsory and optional subjects, through which students acquire knowledge and skills in the management of the organization and leadership.

Nowadays, the Faculty of Economics and Business is prepared to allow to their students to study in the accredited study program Economics and International Business Management, in the field of study International Business.

Doctoral graduates are fully able to apply scholarly methods in research, to analyze issues and formulate solutions of particular cases, to develop adaptation of companies towards economic growth. They can find their enforcement not only in the scientific and research teams at the universities, in the various social and public organizations but also as well as leading experts in national and international financial institutions and commercial companies. Their successful adaptation is also supposed in national and international companies, as well as in the joint ventures, public administration and government institutions.

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Their enforcement is also possible in the positions of the academic staff or scientific researcher, they are able independently conduct the seminars and selected lectures.


Basic information

Study program: Economics and International Business Management

Field of study: 3.3.18 International Business

Level of Study: third

Standard length of study: 3/ 4 years

Form of study: Full time/ Part Time

Amount of required credits: 180

Language:  English

Academic title: philosophiae doctor (abbrev. „PhD.“)


PhDr. Miriama Čižmárová, PhD.

Tel.: +421 2 6820 3621

E-mail: miriama.cizmarova@paneurouni.com


General entry requirements into university studies follow the legal regulation under the Act on Higher Education of the Slovak Republic and generally comprise the following aspects:

  • Completed education of the previous stage of studies, documented by a certified study completion diploma (such as A-levels, graduation from secondary school education, diploma from the previous level of university studies in the respective field, etc.)
  • All accompanying documentation in regard to previous studies must be provided alongside the online application process