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International Relations and Diplomacy

International Relations and Diplomacy

Acquire quality knowledge related to the world, European and domestic events and build your career path in the diplomatic service or international organisations. The bilingual Slovak-English study program “International relationships and diplomacy” or its version taught exclusively in English, offers outstanding opportunities for outstanding students who show an active interest in the course of events happening around the world. Become an expert on international relations and move directly to a career in the service of diplomacy or European and international institutions.

Our study program is one of a kind in the Slovak Republic, which is focused on the combination of international relations and diplomacy in Slovak and English, with an emphasis on International and European law.

Students will obtain the connection between theory and practice by means of attending extraordinary lectures delivered by experts and/or foreign and Slovak statesmen or other professionals working in the field of diplomacy. The Rector of the Pan-European University and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Slovak Society for Foreign Policy – Dr.h.c. prof. Ing. Juraj Stern, PhD. will also participate in the program at the level of theoretical teaching and offering practical experience.  Other internationally recognized personalities who will participate in teaching include prof. JUDr. Dalibor Jilek, CSc. – member of the Advisory Committee on the Protection of National Minorities of the Council of Europe and member of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance. Students will also gain a connection between theory and practice through extraordinary lectures by experts from practice, foreign and Slovak statesmen, or professionals with experience working in diplomacy.

After completing the program of International Relations and Diplomacy, the students will be equipped with professional knowledge in the field of Law, Political Science, Economics, or History, as well as language skills. At the same time, university studies are a space for gaining contacts in the professional sphere, which we provide at the Pan-European University through internships, professional practice or cooperation with our esteemed partners. Prosperita Holding, a.s. awards scholarships to students with the best results.

On this web address you can submit an electronic study application (hereafter e-application) to PEU. E-application, as the written form, is a fully valid study application: E-application



Basic information

Field of study: Political Science; International Relations

Study program: International Relations and Diplomacy

Academic Title: Bachelor’s degree (Bc.)

Length of study:  3 years

Form of study: full time, part time or external

Language: English; Slovak&English

Place of: Bratislava

Deadline for application:


Domestic student:

E-mail: info@paneurouni.com

Information hotline:   +421 910 271 246


International Student:

Ing. Radka Straková, PhD.

Tel: +421-2-48208804



The procedure for submitting an e-application can be found here.

The conditions of admission to study are set by the Academic Senate of the faculty on the proposal of the Dean of the faculty. Currently, these conditions of admission are as follows

written testdemonstrates the fulfillment of an appropriate level of basic logical and thought operations

written test of language competence (in English, French or German);

informative oral interview with the applicant, focused on a general overview of the scope of secondary school curriculum in the subject of social studies, in world history, an overview of current social events.

The final order of candidates is determined by the total number of points obtained. Admission to studies is decided by the Dean on the faculty based on the recommendation of the admissions committee in accordance with the conditions set for admission. The candidate will be informed of the result of the entrance examination in writing. Lists of accepted applicants in full-time and part-time form of study will be published on the website of the faculty, and through the University Information System.

The criteria or the methods of admission to the Faculty are decided by the Academic Senate of the Faculty and these are always published no later than September 20 of the academic year preceding the academic year for which the admission takes place.