International Relations and Diplomacy

International Relations and Diplomacy

Acquire quality knowledge related to the world, European and domestic events and build your career path in the diplomatic service or international organisations.

The bilingual Slovak-English study program “International relationships and diplomacy” or its version taught exclusively in English, offers outstanding opportunities for outstanding students who show an active interest in the course of events happening around the world. The theoretical level of teaching and practical experience as well will be supported by the person of the vice chancellor of Pan- European University – Dr.h.c. professor Ing. Juraj Stern, PhD., who, at the same time, acts in the capacity of chairman of the governing body of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association. Other internationally recognized persons who will participate in the teaching process are prof. JUDr. Dalibor Jílek, CSc. – the member of the Advisory Committee on the protection of ethnical minorities of Council of Europe and the member of the European Commission against racism and intolerance, prof. JUDr. Pavel Šturma, DrSc. – the member of the commission of the United Nations Organization for international law and prof. JUDr. Jozef Klimko DrSc. – former Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to Austria.

Students will obtain the connection between theory and practice by means of attending extraordinary lectures delivered by experts and/or foreign and Slovak statesmen or other professionals working in the field of diplomacy. After completion of the study program “Medzinárodné vzťahy a diplomacia”, students will master vocational knowledge from the area of political science, law, economical science, history as well as they will obtain language skills. Studying at university should also be perceived as a space for acquiring practical experience and building up contacts in the vocational field, which is provided through the possibility to participate in various internships, job trainings or other forms of cooperation with our partners., International Relations and Diplomacy

Requirements to get into university:

The criteria and the manner of admitting applicants for studies are determined by the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Law, based on the recommendation made by the dean of the faculty. Currently, there are no entrance exams for applicants to be taken to get into university.

Requirements to get into university:

  • Completion of secondary school education/ high school education, obtained a passing grade on A-level exams
  • Fulfilment of formal requirements – mostly submission of an application form duly and on time set by the faculty ( including all annexes)

Graduate´s profile:

A graduate of the Bachelor´s study program International relationships and diplomacy will become an expert in international relations and will be capable of working abroad and in the relevant institutions in the territory of the Slovak Republic. He will obtain an overview of the basic concepts of political analysis and political science, history, political geography, further the basics of diplomacy, the basics of economics and law, and will be able to communicate in a foreign language about the specialized subject matter.

Possibilities to find placement for a graduate:

A graduate of the Bachelor´s study program International relationships and diplomacy can do the following jobs: an employee in the civil service, in territorial self-government bodies, political journalism and in the third sector.

After completion of the Bachelor´s program, a graduate may continue smoothly in doing the Master´s program.

Upon completion of the study program “international relations and diplomacy”, (Master´s degree second-cycle of university studies), graduates will:

  • master theoretical and methodological system of knowledge and their application in practice,
  • acquire knowledge which will enable him/her to obtain a narrow specialization in international relations,
  • be able to analyse development and various processes on the international political scene and carry out a comparative analysis of these processes,
  • be able to analyse a situation within the development of structures and political processes occurring both, in particular regions and from the global world´s viewpoint.

Practical abilities and skills:

  • working with statistical and economic data,
  • independent conceptual work in foreign policy development,
  • ability to find a job in international institutions and/or in institutions ensuring international cooperation within the Slovak Republic,
  • working in the diplomatic service,
  • working in the civil service, in the central and regional structures.

Additional knowledge, abilities and skills:

  • maintain contact with the current developing trends in the said field
  • deepen knowledge of a relevant field of the social and economic sciences
  • for the media needs, analyse integration processes as well as globalisation processes

Tuition fees:


Bilingual/ English study program:

Bachelor´s program Daily form External form
Year 3600 euros  3600 Euros
Semester 1890 Euros 1890 Euros
Monthly 396 Euros 396 Euros


Bachelor´s program Daily form External form
Year 3700 Euros 3700 Euros
Semester 1943 Euros 1943 Euros
Monthly 407 Euros  407 Euros

Basic information

Field of studies : 3.4.1 Law

Study program: Law

Decree: Bachelor, Master

Length of studies: 3 years, 2 years

Form of studies: FULL TIME/ PART TIME

Language: English/ Bilingual

Place to study: Bratislava

Date for submitting the application form:  31th of August 2018