Online Executive MBA in English- language

Online Executive MBA in English- language

We offer a managerial executive MBA study program, realized by the lecturers with teaching skills and experiences from the British programs performed for the Staffordshire and Nothingam Trent University for an exclusive price. The Executive MBA program offered by us comes out from the best British tradition, which has been completed by our innovative services in order to provide maximum value to our students.

About us:


Our concept includes:
  • quality university study
  • lecturers with experiences from the British MBA program
  • possibility to choose from several specializations
  • length of study up to one year
  • real 8 online teaching modules
  • colored electronic study materials available online
  • lecturers with practical experiences from the business environment
  • teaching focused on practice and solving real problems
  • practically oriented assignments
  • no exams
  • study coach
  • effective leadership throughout the whole study period
  • diploma of completion of the program issued by a university
  • excellent prices
What is an MBA study? The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a prestigious professional management study program aimed at acquiring knowledge in the field of management. Successful graduates of the program will receive a diploma and obtain an MBA title, which is written after the name.
Who is the MBA for?

Our executive MBA programs are designed for individuals – entrepreneurs, managers and employees of companies and organizations, representatives of the non-profit sector, government, and all others who want to effectively develop their knowledge and skills in management with a focus on linking theoretical knowledge and practice. gain new contacts and really enjoy studying.

How the MBA study differs from the classical study of economics and management?

Classical economic study is focused mainly on the theory and students are not required to confront a theory with a practice or its immediate application. On the contrary, in the MBA study, it is assumed that the student is already established in business, usually in a managerial or other executive position, and applies the acquired knowledge for this practice. The teaching is thus practically oriented and is very effective with a regard to the occupancy of the students.


How does the teaching work?

The standard length of study up to graduation is usually up to one year (in the case of fulfilling all study obligations properly and on time).

Classes take place on Saturday at intervals of approx. once every 4 weeks using Microsoft Teams. It is realized live with the possibility to communicate or see each other. Whether a student has a microphone or a camera depends on each student separately.

The only exception is the first meeting, which is a two-day one: the introductory networking workshop is on Saturday and the first training module follows on the second day on Sunday. Classes are organized to avoid public holidays and the holiday season. Between the days of teaching, there is a space for consultations and preparation of written assignments.

Teaching modules:
  1. Introductory workshop (4 hours + social part)
  2. Business environment
  3. Marketing
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. Financial and Risk Management
  6. Process and Production Management
  7. Management of change and Crisis Management
  8. Project Management
  9. Strategic Management

A detailed description of teaching modules here.

Study coach: Each student has a study coach at his / her disposal, which leads him/her to successfully complete his / her studies, helps him/her to create an optimal study strategy with a selection of topics for written assignments., etc. If problems occur during the studies, the coach actively helps him /her to solve them.

Teaching dates:

6.11.2021, 8.1.2022, 5.2.2022, 5.3.2022, 2.4.2022, 11.6.2022, 7.5.2022, 4.12.2022.

Team of lecturers:

MBA guarantor: Ing. Antonino Milicia, Ph.D., MBA

Ing. Antonino Milicia, Ph.D., MBA, Ing. Martin Přibyl, Ph.D., doc. PhDr. Lubomír Kostroň CSc., Ing. Ondřej Valsa, CSc., MBA., Doc. Ing. Romana Čižinská, Ph.D., Mgr. Ladislav Koubek, MBA

More about the team of lecturers

Written projects and final work:

After each of the eight modules, the student submits a written assignment prepared on a practical meaningful topic from his company/organization or for another entity according to the agreement. In order to make the work on assignments as beneficial and effective as possible, the topics of written assignments and final thesis are consulted with the study coach in advance. 

Written assignments are evaluated by individual lecturers, focusing on the potential for practical benefits. Theoretical searches are not required. The rating includes a percentage rating according to the British scale (70% = A) and a written comment.

The final thesis effectively follows the written assignments to the individual modules and does not represent a time or psychological problem for the student. The final thesis is evaluated by two lecturers – the supervisor and the opponent of the thesis. The evaluation scale is the same as for written assignments.

Diploma of completion:

We build our credibility on quality full-time programs and lecturers with experience in English programs at Nottingham Trent University and Staffordshire University.

Another important fact is that, as a university, we can protect ourselves from accreditation for classical educational programs that demonstrate the high level of processes and competencies of our university. The MBA programs we provide undergo the same internal validation as Slovak accredited study programs, thus ensuring the high quality of this form of study.

Upon successful completion of the study, the student will receive a diploma from the Pan-European University.


Admission procedure:

The general condition for admission to study is the completion of previous university studies at least at the bachelor’s degree, or secondary education and 5 years of experience, or after individual assessment. The fee for the admission procedure is 99,- EUR.

Study price:

The biggest costs of study are the salaries of lecturers and, in the case of accredited programs, licenses, or other fees to foreign partners. Classic British studies thus cost about € 12,000. We offered such an opportunity, but due to the high price and length of study, there was little interest in it. The cheapest offers of agencies, which do not have both main costs, are then around € 3,000. Our university has decided to follow a different way. We have found lecturers with experience in teaching on traditional British programs, we applied their know-how in our conditions, and instead of paying expensive licenses fees abroad, we radically reduced the price for students. We offer programs based on British standards for approx. in one-third price.


The price includes:

  • the costs of the admission procedure,
  • direct online teaching with lecturers (8 modules for 8 hours),
  • introductory workshop with a social part,
  • color electronic presentations for each lesson,
  • colored electronic study materials available online
  • comprehensive guidance by a study coach,
  • management and evaluation of assignments within individual modules,
  • management and evaluation of the final thesis
  • access to the school information system,
  • value-added tax

Tuition is  € 4,860 with VAT



Application submission and procedure:

  1. Create an e-application via the E-Application line on the MBA program
  • when founding, choose “Further education” instead of the faculty, choose the MBA program and the place of study
  • don’t forget to mark your generated login details
  1. Complete the “Personal Data” and “Applicant Addresses” e-application sections
  2. Please wait, we will contact you in the coming days

Contact for applicants:

Ing. Roman Hruška, LL.M., MBA / PhDr. Miriama Mikulková, PhD