Online Executive MBA in English- language

Online Executive MBA in English- language

Our Executive MBA managerial study is realized by an international team consisting of top experts in their field from prestigious universities in Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovak Republic and USA. The high value of the study is guaranteed not only by the lecturer team, but also by the Pan-European University, which is the best evaluated private university in Slovakia. At the Pan-European University (PEVŠ), we provide quality three-level study at five faculties in up to forty accredited programs.

100% live online lectures

Online Executive MBA programe is realizing in the form of live online lectures. We provide live online lectures as well as full-time study. Students watch an online lecture from the comfort of their home via the Internet. During the lecture, they can ask questions, discuss or write questions in the chat. They see the performance of the lecturer and his presentation.

Our concept includes

What is an MBA study?

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a prestigious professional management study program aimed at acquiring knowledge in the field of management. Successful graduates of the program will receive a diploma and obtain an MBA title, which is written after the name.

Who is the MBA for?

Our executive MBA programs are designed for individuals – entrepreneurs, managers and employees of companies and organizations, representatives of the non-profit sector, government, and all others who want to effectively develop their knowledge and skills in management with a focus on linking theoretical knowledge and practice. gain new contacts and really enjoy studying.

How the MBA study differs from the classical study of economics and management?

Classical economic study is focused mainly on the theory and students are not required to confront a theory with a practice or its immediate application. On the contrary, in the MBA study, it is assumed that the student is already established in business, usually in a managerial or other executive position, and applies the acquired knowledge for this practice. The teaching is thus practically oriented and is very effective with a regard to the occupancy of the students.

Teaching modules

Teaching dates

we are opening on the basis of interest

Team of lecturers

MBA guarantor: prof Alberto Ferraris, Ph.D.

Diploma of completion

We build our credibility on quality full-time programs and lecturers with experience in English programs at Nottingham Trent University and Staffordshire University.

Another important fact is that, as a university, we can protect ourselves from accreditation for classical educational programs that demonstrate the high level of processes and competencies of our university. The MBA programs we provide undergo the same internal validation as Slovak accredited study programs, thus ensuring the high quality of this form of study.

Upon successful completion of the study, the student will receive a diploma from the Pan-European University.

Written projects and final work


After each of the eight modules, the student submits a separate written project, in the scope of 12 pages. The final work effectively follows the written project – projects. The scope of the final work is 60 pages. The final work is evaluated by two lecturers – the supervisor and the opponent of the work. The evaluation scale is the same as for the written projects. Sufficient theoretical or practical foundation is assumed in this type of the study, therefore the MBA study is based exclusively on the practical written projects without any exams. As part of the study, the student completes 8 separate modules, which are repeated each year. Therefore, the study system allows to begin the study at any time during the whole year. Starting on a different date means only a different order of the individual modules.

Admission procedure

The general condition for admission to study is the completion of previous university studies at least at the bachelor’s degree, or secondary education and 5 years of experience, or after individual assessment. 

Application submission and procedure

  1. Create an e-application to 31.12.2022 via the E-Application line on the MBA program
  • when founding, choose “Further education” instead of the faculty, choose the MBA program and the place of study
  • don’t forget to mark your generated login details
  1. Complete the “Personal Data” and “Applicant Addresses” e-application sections
  2. Please wait, we will contact you in the coming days 

Study price

The price includes:

  • the costs of the admission procedure,
  • direct online teaching with lecturers (8 modules for 8 hours),
  • management and evaluation of assignments within individual modules,
  • management and evaluation of the final thesis
  • access to the school information system,
  • value-added tax

Tution for Slovak students

605 / 10x

Tution for Slovak students

2887 2x

Tution for Slovak students

6999 5500 / 1x

Tuition for international students

6999 5500

Contact for applicants

Ing. Radka Sabová Straková, PhD