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At the Faculty of Law will Mr. Hill lead a lecture focus on evidence gathering in criminal cases

James Hill will focus on evidence gathering in criminal cases. He will specifically look at various ways DNA is collected and how it can be used to convict or acquit defendants in a criminal trial. Mr Hill will also discuss other forensic concepts such as prints, fiber evidence, bite marks, surveillance cameras, insect activity all used to determine time and manner of death and produce suspects. He will also discuss motives for crimes and the criminal personality and discuss basic crime scene investigation and what investigators should look for to determine possible guilt of innocence of suspects.

Mr Hill will discuss child abuse cases, especially forensic interviewing of abused children. He will discuss both proper interviews with victims and eye-witnesses and also valid interrogation techniques with suspects. He will point out how faulty interview and interrogation techniques by law enforcement can lead to false statements and consequently wrongful convictions. He will discuss what to look for from both a prosecutors point of view as well as from a defense attorney in an attempt bring justice.

These lectures are interactive. Questions are always welcome. The lectures will contain power point slide shows and videos to help facilitate the learning. Mr. Hill has over 20 years of experience working in the crimes against children unit for the USA States of New mexico and Washington. He teaches forensic psychology and psychology and law at the University level in Poland.

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