Supporting teachers to face the challenge of distance techning

Supporting teachers to face the challenge of distance techning


EÚ project in cooperation of Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia

Project title: „Supporting teachers to face the challenge of distance techning“
Realization: 1.3.2021 – 1.3. 2023

Field School education

Main objective of the project Innovation

Project Title Supporting teachers to face the challenge of distance teaching

Project Acronym PERSONA

Project Start Date 2021-03-01

Project Total Duration 24 months

Project End Date 2023-02-28

National Agency of the Applicant Organisation LV01 Valsts izglītības attīstības aģentūra (State Education Development Agency)

Language used to fill in the form English


The COVID-19 pandemic has created the largest disruption of education systems in history, as teachers were largely both practically and psychologically unprepared to support continuity of learning and adapt to new teaching methodologies. Even in contexts with adequate infrastructure and connectivity, many educators lack the most basic ICT skills and have no previous experience in providing quality online teaching, meaning they will likely struggle with their own ongoing professional development, let alone with facilitating quality distance learning. The crisis has highlighted that there is a strong need not only reform the teacher training in new methods of education delivery, but also new teachers’ emotional health support mechanisms have to be put in place.

The project in the consortium of University of Latvia/ LV, Vytauto Didzioji University/ LT and Paneuropean University/ SK aims at providing a support to educators, educational leaders and school support staff to acquire the knowledge and understanding about resilience importance in teachers, and provide them with tools to work with in order to strengthen the resilience power in teachers.

Very important aspect of transnational cooperation is the experience that each partner has gathered during for the last 10 years, but within this project, the cooperation and the joint studies will create more significant results and conclusions. International setting and high quality partnership will help to gather information that is more complete on support needs teachers have, to develop a support system that applies transnationally and to summarize and utilize more and various ways how to increase efficiency andquality by improving the teacher resilience.

Target groups of this project include working teachers of any experience and seniority and pedagogy students, school administrations and school support teams, officials of education institutions, universities that implement teacher-training, organizations and institutions that provide career planning and support adult further education.

Planned project lengths is 24 months.

The project creates a new teacher support system by applying accumulated in a long term knowledge, experience, expertise and skills of all partner universities. Since all partner universities provide teacher training and professional development for working teachers, they will incorporate the acquired data and results into their existing programs, thus improving the quality of teacher training in their countries.


Project will produce four important intellectual outputs:

  • Teacher resilience and SEH survey methodology, questionnaire and result analysis document
  • Online teachers’ individual and group supervision and counseling program
  • Teachers’ resilience support program as online further education program and E-book
  • International publication on project and its results.

Developed results will be available in four languages – Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovak and English on partner webpages and Erasmus+ platform thus making them available for further actions in other countries and ensuring result sustainability and continuity. A number of international scientific forums will include presentations about the project and its results. Two international publications will make information available for wider scientific community. Prepared evidence-based recommendations to education supervision institutions for promotion of teacher resilience development will provide for further actions on decision-making levels.

All developed intellectual outputs will be available online free. Each university will create a section about this project on their webpages, where all materials and updates will be available, including publications, presentations and links to media coverage.

All results will also be uploaded to Erasmus+ Project Results Platform.


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Research results

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International Scientific Conference Support and Development of Mental Health in Schools, 17 March 2023

Support and development of mental health in schools



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